Back again – with a new page

At last! Santa was good to me and a new laptop means this blog is up and running again.

I’ve celebrated with a whole new page, about Corrour Bothy, partly because during my time offline I was confirmed as joint Maintenance Organiser for Corrour. In essence that means that, besides already acting as high altitude lavvy attendant (which I was doing already) I get to go in there and burn all the rubbish lazy gits leave and (hopefully) sort any wee problems that might arise.

Being appointed joint MO is something which makes me indecently chuffed: it’s one of Scotland’s best-known and most used bothies and was the first I ever visited. I also played a small part in the recent renovation, so feel a strong connection with the place.

So go to the Corrour Bothy page on this site and read all about it – it has a fascinating history.

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3 Responses to Back again – with a new page

  1. geoff says:

    Welcome back Neil.
    I saw that you’d been appointed joint MO in the MBA winter newsletter, that’s great news.
    I manage brief trip to the Cairngorms earlier this year which included a flying visit to Corrour, ( it really does occupy a wonderfully wild location.

  2. Chris Horobin says:

    Where is the Corrour Bothy page or am I being stupid

    • Hi Chris, I’m delighted to say you’re being stupid. Look along the top navigation bar, beside Home, Cairngorm Library and About.
      I’m being stupid too though – just looked at it and realised all the paragraphs have been run into one. Must sort that when I get back from Bob Scott’s.
      Happy New Year!

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