Bob Scott’s – the bothy and the man

Despite being one of the most popular bothies in the Cairngorms, many of the people stopping in by Bob Scott’s Bothy seem to know little of its history – or of the man whose name it bears.

So I’ve finally got round to writing pieces about both, giving each a page.

I’ve also reorganised the site slightly, so that where the navigation bar along the top had a section for Corrour Bothy, it now says ‘Cairngorm bothies‘. Hover over that and you’ll see a drop-down menu with Corrour and Bob Scott’s both listed; hover over them and you’ll see each has a sub-page – in the case of Corrour it leads to a gallery of images, in the case of Bob Scott’s it leads to a page about Bob himself.

Eventually I plan to have pages about each of the Cairngorm bothies in this section, but that’s a long-term goal. In the meantime, click onto the Bob Scott’s pages and enjoy learning about a legendary bothy and the legendary man behind it.

The Bob Scott’s Bothy page is here –

And a biog of Bob Scott himself is here –

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2 Responses to Bob Scott’s – the bothy and the man

  1. Fiona C Fraser says:

    Very interesting read! I have vague memories of Bob, but very clear memories of Eileen! Collecting camp fees from us camping at the Canadian Campsite! And Mr Panchaud? ‘Nuf said! 😜

    • Fees at the Canadian Campsite? That’s a new one on me – I thought it was always free, and certainly don’t recall my parents, myself or anyone else paying. It’s not like there were any facilities. Was that a short-lived thing?

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