The Hutchie – and Hutch

Arthur Hutchison, dedicatee of the Hutchison Memorial Hut in the Cairngorms

Arthur Hutchison, the man in whose memory the Hutchison Memorial Hut was built in 1954. He is pictured here in Colombia in 1949.

I’ve added a couple of new pages to the Cairngorm Bothies section of the website: one about the newly renovated Hutchison Memorial Hut and the other about the man in whose memory the hut was built – Dr Arthur Gilbertson Hutchison.

It’s the realisation of a long-standing ambition. I’ve always wondered just who Dr Hutchison was and what his connection was with the Cairngorms, but had never been able to find out anything but the most rudimentary details.

The renovation of the hut proved to be the turning point. Dr Hutchison’s sole surviving relative – his nephew – made a sizable donation to the renovation project and, when approached, very kindly furnished photographs, some biographical material and personal recollections of a man he fondly described as ‘the ideal uncle’.

His nephew knows little of his uncle’s climbing activities, however, especially during his younger days in Aberdeen when he explored the Cairngorms, and I’d be glad if anyone could help add to the picture of a fascinating guy.

The ‘Hutchie’ has often been miscried as a cold place, but it has been a vital part of the Cairngorm bothy network since being built and the base for many a ploy on cliff and hill, and I think it’s important that we keep alive the memory of the man known to his friends as Hutch, whose life prompted its construction in the first place, not only to honur him but to add depth to our knowledge and appreciation of the hills and our interaction with them.

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7 Responses to The Hutchie – and Hutch

  1. jock watson says:

    I agree wholeheartedly neil, I feel the more we know why they came to being is fascinating and adds to our appreciation of bothies and shelters.

    • Graham Gedge says:

      Well said Jock, it is great that this sort of history is recorded and shared so thanks Neil.

      • Cheers both. Like I mention in the blog, it would be great if this prompted anyone who knows about his climbing and walking activities in the ‘Gorms, though all his contemporaries will be long gone by now.

  2. Sinbad says:

    Hi Neil, I was led to believe that Arthur Hutchinson died in a climbing accident in N Wales in 1949.but I don’t have any details.

  3. Bothydave says:

    Neil, as always a well researched and heartfelt article. A joy to read and be educated as always

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