Photo of the original Bob Scott’s Bothy

Huge red face at cairngormwanderer HQ. This post originally advertised the fact I’d added a photo of the original Bob Scott’s Bothy at Luibeg to the page devoted to the current bothy and its history.

However Kenny Freeman, who well knew the old bothy, kindly pointed out that the photo in question was not the bothy at all, but the nearby kennels.

I’ve removed the offending image and will strip my mate who supplied it of his Cairngorm Badge, but am hopeful of obtaining replacement photos in the new year, having jogged Ian Shand’s memory.

Watch this space.

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2 Responses to Photo of the original Bob Scott’s Bothy

  1. Sinbad says:

    Aye, I thought it looked delapidated, and I couldn’t remember the remains of the leanto, and lack of Chimney!!

    • Aye, Sinbad. Like you I thought it looked a bit mlre dilapidated than I remembered, but I took it on faith when Derek sent it and never even noticed there was no chimney! Ah well, a valuable lesson for the future.

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