New bothy pages

I’ve now added information about another two bothies to the site – Ryvoan near Glen More and Ruighe Eataichean in Glen Feshie.

Both can be found under the Cairngorm Bothies tab on the navigation.

Information consists of basic facts, such as location, description of bothy and facilities – and, in the case of Ryvoan, a little of the history.

Hopefully I’ll be able to add more to these pages as time progresses and to add pages about all the other Cairngorm bothies.

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6 Responses to New bothy pages

  1. David Eggelton says:

    Spoke to elderly friend today who worked in the area many years ago and helped built the footbridge below the Corrour Bothy.infact has a short film showing it being built! Malcolm was delighted to see it still standing. Many old photos of the area also . Malcolm is 90.

  2. A much appreciated bit of work by your pal and his colleagues. Bridge could maybe do with the odd but of maintenance now, but I reckon it’s good for many more years yet. Never heard of film of it being built though – that would be great to see.
    I forget without checking: when was the bridge built?

    • David Eggelton says:

      Malcolm worked for Nature Conservancy in the Cairngorms in the late 50s and early 60s before moving to New Zealand to continue in similar work .He has a computer and the computer skills to converse with you if would like any information re that era in the Cairngorms

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