Problem at Bob Scott’s Bothy

Toilet door at Bob Scott's Bothy, with sign indicating fault

Toilet locked and out of action

(This post is historical. The problem mentioned no longer exists.)

The toilet at Bob Scott’s Bothy, near Derry Lodge, is out of action.

Neil Findlay, maintenance organiser at Scottie’s, says there is a blockage somewhere about the outlet of the septic tank, which is now filled to the brim. The toilet, beside the bothy, is currently locked.

There are plans for several people to go up there on Saturday to try and resolve the problem so, given the heat, prospective bothiers with sensitive noses might like to make alternative plans.

There’s no guarantee any progress will be made this weekend but there were similar problems last year which resolved themselves when the toilet was locked for a couple of weeks.

One concern is that the problem may simply be caused by over-use. The presence of the toilet is well-known even by those who don’t use the bothy and heavier visitor numbers in summer, with campers around Derry Lodge, Duke of Edinburgh Award parties and sundry passers-by, may just be too much for a system that was never designed for such usage.

Alternatively, it could be the outlet pipe has been moved or broken by a tree root – the tank has been there for something like 30 years after all.

I’ll report back on what happens this weekend, hopefully with good news, so keep your fingers (and your legs) crossed.

Open septic tank at Bob Scott's Bothy, Cairngorms, showing overflowing waste

Spare a thought for the folk who look after the toilet. This was the sight facing us the last time it was blocked.


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2 Responses to Problem at Bob Scott’s Bothy

  1. Colin Campbell says:

    Hello Neil, I’ve managed to find a few old photos of some bothies in the Grampians with dates etc 


    • Hi Colin, that would be good if you wouldn’t mind me using them. I have some pics from George Adams in Australia which I mean to use for a post. Could use them all together or two different posts depending on how they fit.

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