Cairngorm memories on the BBC

Just a quick post to recommend a BBC Radio Scotland programme. ‘Our Lives’ episode 5 was about the Deeside Cairngorms, with particular mentions of the Slugain Howff and Bob Scott and his bothy.

Some great reminiscences about the Howff from Ashie Brebner, the last of the builders, and chat from Ian (Mountain Days and Bothy Nights) Mitchell about the Howff and about Bob Scott.

A great wee programme: just half an hour of your time but well worth it, so check it out now, as I’m not sure how long it will be available for.

Just as an aside, the toilet at Bob Scott’s Bothy is still out of action, but there are hopes of getting it open again soon.

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4 Responses to Cairngorm memories on the BBC

  1. david says:

    Heard a bit of this today and was on the computer to tell you of it but you know already

  2. Jim Ford says:

    I’ve downloaded it. If anyone wants a copy I’ll put it into a cloud account and send you a link.

    Email me at j a f o r d a t w a t f o r d 5 3 d o t f r e e s e r v e d o t c o d o t u k

    I’m yearning to get up there again, but I’m a bit unfit and fuel is now so expensive!

  3. says:

    Neil And here was I going to settle down to listen to this over lunch – it is marked on I player as unavailable! I caught the tail end of the broadcast and my intention had been to alert you to it but in fact you beat me to the draw



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