The Mountain – on the Beeb … and Mar Lodge – on the web

Cairngorm under snow cover

The Mountain – Cairngorm under snow

This blog tends to concentrate on the more genteel parts of the Cairngorms, but a new BBC Scotland series perhaps merits a quick visit to the fleshpots of Cairngorm.

The Mountain is a six-part documentary series about the Cairngorm ski resort and the people who make it run, following the course of a winter season.

It kicks off on Monday, 12th January, with an episode about the Ski Patrol, working to get the slopes open as early as possible.

Working out of the mountain’s base station, Colin Matthew is responsible for a team of 40 workers. He says: “Skiers, they’ve got the bug now, it’s winter, they want to get skiing and boarding so we’ll do what we can. I think if you’re from this area the snow is just part of your life, and the mountain’s part of your life really.”

Among the preparations is a newly introduced system of ‘banking’ snow to help build lasting depth on the ski runs.

The programmes are all fairly short – just half an hour – but should be irresistible for the scenery alone. Coire Cas may be full of the mechanics of skiing, but it still boasts peerless views round about.

The Mountain shows from 7.30 to 8 pm and the link which follows has more details about the series along with the necessary links to watch episodes on iPlayer after broadcast.

Mar Lodge blog

While I’m on the subject of the Cairngorms and the media, it’s about time I mentioned the Mar Lodge Estate blog. Iwas particularly glad to read today’s post (January 8) from volunteer ranger Duncan McNeill, which mentioned almost in the passing the presence of otters on the estate. A couple of times I’ve seen what I thought could be otter spraint, but was never very sure, so it’s nice to learn that I was probably right.

The blog is written by different staff members and volunteers and covers a wide range of subjects but is always worth a look, so I’ve added it on the blogroll at the side of the page.

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9 Responses to The Mountain – on the Beeb … and Mar Lodge – on the web

  1. Beautiful photo 🙂 You’re almost making me wish I had a telly…

    • Photo’s from the BBC, Carol, so I can’t take any credit there. You’ll be able to see it on your laptop once it’s been broadcast. And the Mar Lodge blog can be seen any time – assuming they weren’t blown away last night! 🙂

      • Hmm. I wrote that reply before I learned that the Winterwatch cabin on the Mar Lodge grounds was indeed blown away last night – or at least demolished by the winds. Hope they get something sorted out for broadcast date!

      • I gather it’s pretty windy up there? 😮 It’s not been great here but nothing like you guys are getting I don’t think,

  2. Had a fleeting glimpse of an otter a couple of years back as it dived from the bank into a tributary of the Geldie Burn.

  3. Interesting you mentioned about Otters Neil, I had heard of a sighting from a friend who was on his way to a Burns night supper at Lochcallater lodge a few years back and then just before Christmas I was lucky enough to see one crossing the track at Altdourie just up from Invercauld house. Unfortunately It disappeared through the trees and into the snow before I could get a photo.

    • Hmph. There was me wondering if there were ANY up there and it seems they’re common as muck! 😉 Mind you the only time I saw an otter anywhere other than the coast was one night in Glen Clova – just about ran it over in the car!

  4. Hugh Spencer says:

    A met a guy on Lochnagar two weeks ago who said he had watched an otter sliding up and down a snow bank not far down the burn from the corrie loch. He had been camping their. Said there was no mistaking it was an otter.

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