Access problems at Linn of Dee


The following news is from the Cairngorms National Park website, and is being updated as more news comes in.

Mar Lodge estate

Update: 09/01/15


The gale force winds experienced over the Cairngorms between 8th/9th January have brought down a number of large trees adjacent to the Linn of Dee.  As a result, for the safety of visitors, the road at the Linn of Dee bridge has been temporarily closed. This means there is currently no access for visitors to Linn of Dee, Linn of Dee car park or beyond to Linn of Quoich.

Estate staff will rectify the situation as soon as possible, but with more high winds forecast for the weekend, it is currently unsafe to undertake tree work.  We will be hoping to re-open the road sometime on Monday, 12th January

Link to Cairngorms National Park website is here –

Update 10th January

Mar Lodge Estate have confirmed via Facebook that the trees on the road will be cleared as soon as weather permits. In the meantime access to the Linn of Dee car park is still possible by crossing at the white metal bridge before Inverey. However the west road, which used to be the standard road route to Mar Lodge from the Linn, is now closed and access to the Linn of Dee-Linn of Quoich road is via the back of the stable block, which I seem to recall as being bumpy and muddy in places, especially the brae up to join the road. So ca’ canny if you can’t wait for the main road to be opened.

On 16th January the Park authority reported: Continued high winds and wintry conditions have prevented forestry staff from making safe all trees adjacent to the road bridge. As a result, the Linn of Dee bridge remains closed to traffic. We now hope to re-open the road at the first opportunity, week commencing Monday, 19th January.

In the meantime, drivers have been told that they can park just before where the trees block the road and walk the extra distance across the bridge. Not a huge addition to your journey, but if you do leave your car unattended do make sure it’s off the road and doesn’t block access for estate or forestry staff.

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3 Responses to Access problems at Linn of Dee

  1. Presumably one can still park at Inverey carpark and go over Mar Lodge bridge to access the Linns o’ Quoich and Dee?

    • Don’t know any more details than on the link, Carol. Try going onto the Mar Lodge facebook page and messaging them there.

      • Thanks – I’m not heading up there until at least spring so I’ll probably look nearer the time. I partly put my comment out to suggest an alternative for people reading the post and still wanting to get to Linn o’ Dee and beyond.

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