Bothy Life – countdown

Just a very brief post from a far flung outpost of the Cairngorms where the internet is frustratingly slow.

For anyone who hasn’t already heard via Facebook, BBC Scotland will shortly be showing an hour-long documentary about bothies in Scotland.

Filmed over the best part of a year by Jack Archer, working with MBA volunteers and bothy afficionados from a’ the airts, it promises to be a great insight into bothy culture and the lives of the people who look after the bothies.

Yours truly can be seen suited up for the Corrour Bothy bog change, but there are plenty normal(ish) people in there too, with some great bothies across Scotland. Haven’t seen it all myself yet, but the brief clips available on the BBC website promise an hour well spent when it’s shown on BBC Scotland on December 9th.

It’ll be on iPlayer soon after and you’ll be able to see it at this link:  You can also see four brief teasers here in advance of the big event.

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28 Responses to Bothy Life – countdown

  1. walt black says:

    looks like there is plenty radioactive shit being deposited at corrour then Neil

  2. piper says:

    Aye Neil , we seen ye . You needed to play act a bit more …the stench / the weight of the bags/ the walk in winter time, but well done you .

    • Naw, just playing it cool, Ian. Easier to get new volunteers for the rota if we don’t show the full horror. 😉 Don’t know if it’ll make the full cut, but poor Jack was just about boaking when he got a look inside the bag. 🙂

  3. Shame I haven’t got a TV – looks like ONE programme worth watching for a change!

  4. Another good heads up Neil, Thanks, Paul

  5. piper says:

    You wach yersel we at bears oot there Neil!

    • Bears? They’re all in hiding since news came out about Greg Boswell. It’s been on the telly over here: Canadians are now being taught that if they are attacked by a bear they should just shout “I’m a Fifer ya bass!” They’re having to work on the Fife accent though.

  6. piper says:

    Can ye no teach a bear tfaeCanada tae change the bog at Corrour ? many folk willing tae open there mooth and say they are willing tae help …bit where are they ?

  7. piper says:

    BBC programme…there should have been more on the maintenace work that the M.B,A do .Parts of the programme were just advertising bothies .

    • That can be the follow-up, Ian. There are so many people don’t even know about bothies and what they are; if you just did a programme about folk looking after them and working on them, people would wonder what it was all about. Haven’t had a right chance to see it yet, but thought Jack did pretty well.

  8. piper says:

    Aye yer right Neil , Jack did a good job . Just a shame there was no mention of our past and present AO, and no mention of Pawhope bothy work party ? Nae sure aboot the ski Sunday part . As you stated , hopefully there will be a next episode ?

  9. william says:

    hello / can someone tell me the name of the tune played on the chanter in bothy life and the make of the chanter / thank you

  10. Jim Ford says:

    Neil: What do you do with the bags from the Corrour? Do you have to hump them all the way to the Linn O’ Dee, or only to Derry Lodge?

    Jim (jafordatwatford53dotfreeservedotcodotuk)

  11. Watched it twice now – the first time on i-Player on my lonesome… then it came back on the telly another night when I was at my parents’ and we all watched it. I loved it and they loved it too – think it took them back to their hillwalking days – although they never bothied and didn’t do much in Scotland unfortunately. But then they never had a car…

  12. Peter A says:

    Back to the nitty-gritty time of year. Saw good weather forecast. Got gear together. Drove 4 hours ( stopping to buy fruit and petrol ). Arrived bothy. Found damp in two windows after Winter storms. Scraped loose paint off inside and out. Painted two coats on outside damp wood ( expect to scrape off again next time ). Left inside wood open to try to dry. Checked for any new signs of woodworm. Mended a chair. Dug away a molehill next to door ( he must have popped up under the bothy ). Cleaned all the windows. Measured up walls for area to emulsion paint next time. Went for a walk. Sat in sun. Chatted to the gamie. Stayed two ( long ) nights. Went home. Hardly the stuff of another exciting film hit, but its what we do.

  13. Peter A says:

    Naw…That would be too much to hope for………considering that I was 20 miles away N.E. ..
    ( I’m at The Schoolhouse now ! )

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