And here it is… the roof

Just a quick couple of pics this time around.

A few days ago I wrote about the renovation of the Slugain Howff, but wrote from the point of view of a lowly porter, who left before the job was done.

Now Ed Pirie, one of the Howff’s caretakers has sent a couple of pics of the finished article, with new roof and guttering completed.

He said: “Further work for internal fitting out and pointing is scheduled and in hand,” and, with a wee dig at my age references in the last blogpost, added: “For us oldies it was certainly an exhausting but very productive weekend. Thank you all for your portering help.”

Working to replace the roof of the Secret Howff, Cairngorms

Lining up the roofing sheets

Inside the Secret Howff, Cairngorms, examining the new roof

Inside, below the new roof

The completed new roof at the Slugain Howff, Cairngorms

Just in time. Roof on – rain on.


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17 Responses to And here it is… the roof

  1. Sinbad says:

    Lookin’ good.

  2. malcolm macpherson says:

    Its that shiny can it be seen from space?? Well done all!

  3. Sinbad says:

    Valid point. Wouldn’t want the sun’s reflection to give away the whereabouts of the “Secret Howff”!!

  4. So if I get one of those wee drone-things, I’ll be able to see where the gleaming roof is reflecting back at me 😉

  5. Ashie Brebner says:

    The new roof looks absolutely great. My pals and fellow original builders would be very impressed. It looks as if it will last another century. Thanks to everyone involved. I’ll get up there hopefully sometime soon.

    • The guys who did the work (and us sherpas!) will be glad to read your comments, Ashie. I need to get up there myself to see the finished job, but just haven’t had time. A real part of Cairngorm heritage.

  6. Joyce Grant says:

    I am sure my father, Doug Mollison, is looking down on the new roof with a smile on his face!

    • Allister Brebner says:

      Hi Neil,             I was delighted to see more photos of the Howff roof but even more pleased to see a comment from another of Doug Mollison’s daughters.Do you have her Email address? I would love to get in contact with her.Regards,                Ashie

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