Glas Allt Sheil refurbishment completed

Work party underway at Glas Allt Sheil bothy, Loch Muick, Cairngorms

Kenny and Elaine framing up the wall under the stairs ready for insulation and wood-lining – and bunk beds.

After a third weekend work party, MBA members have completed a major refurbishment of Glas Allt Sheil bothy near the western end of Loch Muick.

A good turnout of volunteers at the final work party at the weekend there included folk from the Eastern Area MBA, members of Bob Scott’s Bothy Association and a couple unaffiliated.

Previous visits had seen the upstairs sleeping quarters insulated and wood-lined, and two of the downstairs stone walls insulated and lined, as well as installation ofย  a new stove (replacing the previous stove donated by Friends of Bob Scott’s) and repairs to the flooring.

This final trip saw further insulation and lining, with two bunk beds built under the staircase and shelves added in a window bay and corner alcove, along with a lot of finishing work.

Officially, the bothy – an out-house of the main building, which is owned by the monarchy – is looked after by Dundee University Rucksack Club, but after discussions with the club it was agreed that the scale and nature of the work was beyond the resources and capabilities of students, so the MBA and BSBA provided the skills and personnel, along with a generous grant from the MBA to finance the project.

A number of Rucksack Club members attended and helped out at the first work party back in May, but the only students present this weekend were a rather bemused trio from the ‘neighbouring’ St Andrews University, who had come expecting a quiet evening and ended up drawn in to the usual BSBA ceilidh. One was snitched upon by his pals as able to play guitar and, despite his protestations of incompetence was prevailed upon to give us a tune on Bill Sutherland’s guitar, surprising everyone with a very fine-sounding piece of classical finger-picking.

Perhaps the most notable thing about the evening, though, was how warm the bothy was – inside and out – despite the sub-zero temperature and snow outside. Those who remembered the Glas Allt Sheil as it used to be could scarcely credit the difference some insulation and a good stove (helped by lots of coal and offcuts) has made to what used to be a cold, dark hovel of a place.

A good job well done.

Neil Findlay and Derek Stewart at Glas Allt Sheil bothy work party, Cairngorms

Neil Findlay at the chop saw set up under the tarp out in the snow

Walt Black at Glas Allt Sheil bothy work party, Cairngorms

Walt Black starts to measure up wood for the window shelf

Cleared gutter at Glas Allt Sheil bothy, Loch Muick

Guess who got to go up onto the roof to clear the piles of frozen pine needles from the guttering.

Work party at Glas Allt Sheil

Stevie the Plumber gets started on the bunk beds under the stairs.

New bunk beds in Glas Allt Sheil Bothy, Loch Muick, Cairngorms

The finished bunks

Window shelf at Glas Allt Sheil bothy, Glen Muick

The completed window shelf

Alcove shelf in Glas Allt Sheil bothy

A new work shelf in the newly lined corner alcove

Stairs and bunk at GAS bothy, Cairngorms

The new bunk again, showing the paneling inserted behind the stairs, leaving room to get a hand-hold round the treads

Bothy page with full details of Glas Allt Sheil.


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14 Responses to Glas Allt Sheil refurbishment completed

  1. malcolm macpherson says:

    Looking good! Was Neil actually using the saw or was it more as an aid to standing? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tom Rollo says:

    This is great news Neil. This was the first bothy I went to in 1984 and I remember it had some sort of wood panelling then, but a flimsy papery type that seemed to have been there for years. It was horrible the next time I went and saw for the first time that folk would put the fabric of the bothy up the lum, it was all gone. I’ve never actually seen anyone do this but been in plenty of bothies where it’s happened. It’s great to see that this work has been done now, and whilst this is still a basic shelter, it’s clearly possible to have a comfortable time there. These two Lochnagar bothies are now magnificent. Huge thanks to all those who carried out this work.

  3. piper says:

    Well done loons and quines…sorry i could not make the work party .see you all soon .

  4. Stu Maxwell says:

    Looking great. Thanks! Looks like I’m back at xmas for a wee bit, hope to catchup with some of you then

  5. John Bygate says:

    Looks great Neil, al need to bike in there in the spring.

  6. Wouldn’t mind a night there – as I could cycle in, I wouldn’t need to worry about my now defunct hip!

    Looks warmer than my house now – and I’m sure it is!

  7. Kenny Ferguson says:

    Well done to all the grafters involved. Looks like a great job. Just sorry i couldn’t manage due to a family wedding. canna wait to visit.

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