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50 years in the Cairngorms

It was  an inauspicious start: 1967, nine years old and chasing my brother through the heather. Suddenly I was doing a Wiley E Coyote impression, feet windmilling through the air as I fell into a gravel quarry at the side … Continue reading

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Bothy Life – countdown

Just a very brief post from a far flung outpost of the Cairngorms where the internet is frustratingly slow. For anyone who hasn’t already heard via Facebook, BBC Scotland will shortly be showing an hour-long documentary about bothies in Scotland. … Continue reading

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Anticipation v realisation: the bothy book

One of the more anticipated new books this summer was the Cicerone guide The Book of the Bothy, by Phoebe Smith. As soon as it was announced the old guard bothy ‘guardians’ were up in arms: not only was this … Continue reading

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Bothies, litter and education – a step forward

Last August I let rip at groups taking young people into the hills. I love it that there are people who care enough to encourage youngsters into the mountains but, like so many others involved in bothy maintenance, I’d cleaned … Continue reading

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Cairngorms August 11 flood round-up

Just spent the weekend up at Bob Scott’s Bothy and touring the area to see what damage has been done by Monday’s flood (August 11th). Started off on Saturday morning fording the Derry Burn, where the bridge has been swept … Continue reading

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Looking after the bothies. Why bother?

Sometimes you really do wonder just why you bother. Up at Corrour Bothy again, the plan was for Neil Findlay and I to replace a broken toilet seat and do a quick repair to the stove, then I would head … Continue reading

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White-out on Ben McDui

Complacency, eh? Get off with something 99 times and on the hundredth it turns around and bites you on the bum. When I checked the forecast at lunchtime on the first Friday in May it wasn’t promising very much for … Continue reading

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