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New bridge imminent at Derry Burn

Stop Press: First picture of the new bridge going up comes from Bob Scott’s Bothy caretaker and my fellow Corrour MO, Neil Findlay – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=967223033296185&set=a.207699109248585.52869.100000254925069&type=1&theater BRIDGE REPORTED COMPLETE BY MAR LODGE ESTATE ON APRIL 30th. With spring making inroads and people’s … Continue reading

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Derry Burn footbridge washed away – and other flood damage

As of the morning of August 11th the footbridge across the Derry Burn beside Derry Lodge is no more. Torrential rain through the night and into the morning lifted the wooden bridge from its foundations and washed the remains a … Continue reading

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Off the path

It’s nice to indulge in a whim now and then. Most times I go out on a walk I pretty much know where I’m going before I start, but now and then it’s good just to forget about route-planning and … Continue reading

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A future for the forest

A good article appeared in The Scotsman last week (which is a story in itself!) based on an interview with the new property manager at Mar Lodge Estate, the core of the Cairngorms National Park. The meat of the piece … Continue reading

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Bootlegger to lumberjack to poacher

A tale of the two Derry Dams Take a walk up Glen Derry in the Cairngorms sometime. Pass Derry Lodge and veer right at the wee wooden bridge. Follow the footpath through some of the most beautiful pine woods in … Continue reading

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