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What we did on our weekends

Between work, the MBA and Bob Scott’s there are altogether too many meetings in my life and they tend not to feature on this blog – for good reason. But a recent meeting of the Bob Scott’s Bothy Association highlighted … Continue reading

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The legendary Aitken’s Morning Roll bothy ballad

The more alert of you will have noticed that a YouTube link to the documentary Bothy Life appeared on this blog a few days ago – and quickly disappeared again. Frustrating, I know, especially for foreign readers who can’t get … Continue reading

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The mystery of the bath

There are many legends of bothy lore, but who could have guessed an old zinc bath could be one of them? When I started writing about the Tarf Hotel so many people recalled that, in its wilderness years before the … Continue reading

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Fords of Avon Refuge rebuilt

Christened by a fierce October storm, with howling gales and torrential rain – in August – the Fords of Avon Refuge is reborn. A large group of volunteers gathered at the remote refuge on Friday and Saturday, August  26 and … Continue reading

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