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Luibeg Bridge 1 and 2: the Bill Ewen photos

I’ve written before about the life and times of the Luibeg Bridge but have just had made available some great photos of its construction, destruction and reconstruction. (Pictures come courtesy of Alasdair Ewen, who sent them from his grandfather Bill … Continue reading

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Cairngorms flood report

2015 ended badly in Deeside, with major flooding affecting Braemar and Ballater and causing damage to roads and bridges. However the mountain areas appear to have escaped relatively lightly. An outline update of Storm Frank flood damage from Cairngorms.co.uk, updated … Continue reading

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The year of the bridges

After almost 60 years the photo isn’t the clearest, but it offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. Like most, I suspect, who have used the metal bridge at Derry Dam in the Cairngorms, beyond being able to read off … Continue reading

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Luibeg bridges through the ages

A query on the new bothies forum http://scottishbothies.freeforums.org/ got me thinking about an area of the Cairngorms that doesn’t normally attract much attention. Preas nam Mearlach, or The Robbers’ Copse, is the area around the ford over the Luibeg Burn … Continue reading

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