Sheilin’ o’ Mark

Sheilin' o' Mark at the head of Glen Mark

Sheilin’ o’ Mark Bothy

Sheilin’ o’ Mark lies in the furthest reaches of Glen Mark at NO 337 827 and is seldom frequented save by coast to coast walkers and seekers after a quiet weekend.


The easiest access to this bothy is from Glen Muick. Start as if heading for Lochnagar but, where you would turn right to reach Lochnagar or keep straight on to walk along the SE shore of Loch Muick, take an insignificant path to the left (that’s almost exactly SE for the navigators amongst us) and head up a small glen. Follow the path until it peters out and head over the hill (no path) to find the bothy. The hills in this area are relatively featureless and it is recommended that care is taken in navigation. (Which translates as: The author got lost here one dark Hogmanay night)


Sheilin’ o’ Mark is a single room stone-built bothy with a concrete floor. There is some basic furniture, including benches and a table, and a good fireplace, but the building is not insulated at all.


There is no wood in the area, so it is a good idea to carry in some coal. The fireplace is a good one, recently installed after a stove proved impractical.


There is a good stream just yards from the front door with clear water.


There is no toilet here. Take the bothy spade for a walk well away from the bothy and any running water.


8 Responses to Sheilin’ o’ Mark

  1. Martin Rye says:

    Visited it on a coast to coast once. None TGOC one mind you.

  2. Stuart Fraser says:

    Planning a stay there in May on my first TGO- Kenny very kindly says he’ll be there in advance wi coal! A true gentleman!

  3. HillBelly says:

    Just needs updating to mention the stove has been taken out and its just the open fire now.

  4. Ben says:

    Hi … a friend gave me this link as I have a photo and couldn’t figure out where it was taken. It turns out it is Sheilin O’ Mark Bothy. Taken on a group outing in winter. Would you like me to send it to you?

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