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Bootlegger to lumberjack to poacher

A tale of the two Derry Dams Take a walk up Glen Derry in the Cairngorms sometime. Pass Derry Lodge and veer right at the wee wooden bridge. Follow the footpath through some of the most beautiful pine woods in … Continue reading

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A bounce in your step – literally

The Canadian Campsite at Inverey Not many people now know of the old Canadian Campsite, yet during the late ’60s and early ’70s of last century it was the weekend residence of choice for hundreds of walkers and climbers. Not … Continue reading

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On not getting avalanched

Sometimes the days where nothing happens turn out to be the good ones. Walt and I had headed up – again – with the intention of going up Central Chimney, on Creagan a Choire Etchachan, in the Cairngorms. First attempt … Continue reading

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Unconscious at the summit

Consciousness returned fairly quickly. I became aware of the feeling of the ground underneath me and of the sun on my face. I turned my face from the direct glare and opened my eyes to a vista of rolling hills … Continue reading

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Living on the Edge

  By Neil Reid An account of a winter ascent by Colin McGregor and Neil Reid of Quartzvein Edge in the Cairngorms, in March 2002. I was sure Colin was going to fall. I was so sure that I’d picked … Continue reading

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