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Covid Dreams 15: Glory and madness

It’s hardly seasonal but what the heck. This must be close on 30 years ago but I remember still how blown away we were by the sheer, in your face glory of it all. I don’t recall why we weren’t … Continue reading

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24-hours on The Ben: a tale from furth of the Cairngorms

It was all so very long ago now. If you’d asked me I’d have ventured that it must be about 10 years ago, but a check of the guidebook shows it was longer – March 2001 in fact, when so … Continue reading

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The last snow in Scotland

You’d think, having just passed the age of 60, I’d have a bit more sense. But no, here I was in the dripping jaws of a Cairngorm gully, boots scraping on grit, slithering on moss, chilled fingers testing protruding rocks … Continue reading

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Farewell to the Sea Kings – a Lochnagar memory

Just been reading a blogpost by Heavy Whalley, a retired legend from the RAF Mountain Rescue, writing a fond farewell to the Sea King helicopters which join him in retirement on December 31. Well worth reading Heavy’s story, but it … Continue reading

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Writing the book on mountain rescue

There’s a perhaps morbid fascination among hill walkers and climbers with tales of when it all goes wrong. I’ve long ago given up trying to figure whether it’s for education or voyeurism and just read the tales anyway. Sod the … Continue reading

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The Fool on the Hill

Ach, it’s all been a bit serious on here the last few posts, so here’s a wee bit of  light relief – a tale from the early years of this century when I still thought I was a climber and … Continue reading

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Derry Burn footbridge washed away – and other flood damage

As of the morning of August 11th the footbridge across the Derry Burn beside Derry Lodge is no more. Torrential rain through the night and into the morning lifted the wooden bridge from its foundations and washed the remains a … Continue reading

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