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Covid Dreams 18: Traverse of the Gods

It’s one of the most magnificent panoramas and one of the finest walks in Scotland, from Cairn Toul round to Braeriach.  Six kilometres of almost continuous cliff runs between the two summits, broken by only a handful of routes where … Continue reading

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Covid Dreams 10: A sense of scale

As ever, in the Cairngorms, where the glens splitting the great plateaux can become almost invisible, it’s the sense of space and of scale that overwhelms. This was the day I did the five four-thousand feet mountains of the Cairngorms. … Continue reading

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The five Cairngorm four-thousanders

What a day! From the wind-battered, closed-in isolation of the morning to the wide open afternoon with its views right out to the horizon and the cool, blue-sky evening cradled between the mountains, it was quality mountain day all the … Continue reading

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Dicing with death above the eternal snows

The internet is a wonderful thing. And so are guide books. But between the pair of them they were nearly the death of me. I’d had a notion to go into the Garbh Choire of Braeriach and see the ‘permanent’ … Continue reading

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Refuting the case for destruction of Garbh Choire Refuge

I received a rather longer than usual response to the Garbh Choire Refuge page from George Allan, a member of the North East Mountain Trust. Rather cheekily, he includes a case for removing the refuge, presumably mistaking this for an impartial … Continue reading

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Garbh Choire memories

Talking about the Garbh Choire Refuge the other day brought to mind other days in the Cairngorms’ most impressive choire complex. Depending on how you count them, there are maybe five or six choires in the great cirque between Braeriach … Continue reading

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